How Come They Can’t Follow My Instructions?


When you verbally present information in the office, the person you are speaking to will only comprehend about 20% of the instructions that are given to them. This means that 80% of your instructions will not be followed.


The human brain has to process a large number of items at any given time. This prevents the full attention you need to be directed to processing what is said to an employee, so they will begin to pick up pieces of what is being told to them and associating it with an approach that they know and understand. That’s the case, even if it is the polar opposite of what you need accomplished.


This means you need to put some systems in place to help increase the level of understanding an individual may have. One way to do this is to create a step-by-step instructional manual that will guide a person through a process at work. Instead of picking out areas that they are familiar with from verbal instructions, this comprehensive guide leaves little to interpretation. That means when your labour hire or new permanent recruit comes in and begins a task, they are doing it precisely as you want it done.


You also reduce the risk of injury, death, and potential lawsuits by laying out the process. If you tell someone to use a piece of heavy machinery and simply tell them what to do and go, you increase their risk of injury. When you go through the safety mechanisms showing them one by one, have a list of how to operate the machine, and take measures to increase their understanding, your staff is less likely to become injured. That means giving several avenues to help the employee understand is essential.


Finally, the systems in place help you to ensure the company is operating at peak levels at all times. With detailed directions in place that go beyond the verbalization, you are able to better guide results. That means when you’re working with a staff member in one department, you can ensure sections of a report that is essential to another department to do their job has a high level of importance. That way, you don’t end up with any surprises along the way and you are able to help your business grow.


Of course you still need the right labour hire personnel or permanent staff to comprehend written and verbal instructions. To find out how to recruit highly competent staff, please click here.


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