Winning Your Team Over Takes Time, But You Can Do It



Is your biggest obstacle winning people over? If this is the case, feel free to take a step back and realize that you won’t win anyone overnight. But if you work at it, you’ll start to win people over piece-by-piece, and increase both morale and loyalty in the company.


It’s a good idea anytime you meet with a prospective employee to plant that first seed. Seek out shared experiences and find that common ground. If this is a permanent recruitment opportunity, understand that adding the human factor now will open the doors for long term success.


Next, understand that it is okay to showcase that you are human to your employees. Those who are overly polished, precise, and act like they are free of errors intimidate employees and cause a separation to take place. A great example is former Australian Cricket captain Michael Clarke. Clarke was too perfect to endear himself to his team mates and the public. A better choice is to be natural and build trust with your group. You’ll ultimately find that you can be successful if you do this.


A little compassion goes a long way. People want to know they are dealing with someone who has a heart and they can trust. That doesn’t mean you need to take an interest in every little detail of someone’s life. But you should show that you have a personality and have the proper amount of human compassion that one should show in the workplace.


Above all, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Make sure you aren’t delegating all the work for your team and playing on the internet the rest of the day. It’s important to be there on the sidelines and to work through projects with the staff. While some tasks are rightfully delegated, as the boss you should have some of the responsibility too. After all, the goal of everyone on your team is to ultimately find success.


Finally, make sure you constantly engage with the others on your team. Regardless of how distant you think they are, or how much you believe they avoid you, know these individuals you can engage with them on a personable level and build a degree of trust with them.


Winning your team over won’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time and requires you to work on building trust. But once you do, you’ll find that you have a loyal group who will stand by your side, no matter how the deck is stacked.


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